Our no-surprise pricing guarantee: unlike most dental practices, our prices per item are final and guarantee no additional hidden costs.

ATTENTION: No-shows will charged a 1000czk penalty at their next appointment! No-shows are defined as patients who do not cancel 24 hours before a scheduled appointment!

All prices include anesthesia if needed, and all procedures needed to fit each item (excluding CT and OPG scans which are prescribed according to need). For all items that need laboratory work, a 50% deposit is required. Standard pricing applies during emergency appointments.

Basic Exam (includes intra-oral x-rays if necessary)
500 CZK
Professional Cleaning
1200 CZK
JET polish
500 CZK
OPG scan
1000 CZK
CT scan
2000 CZK
Emergency appointment fee (during normal hours)
500 CZK
Emergency appointment fee (outside of normal hours)
1500 CZK
Home Whitening
4500 CZK
Office Whitening
6000 CZK
Small Composite Filling
1800 CZK
Medium Composite Filling
2300 CZK
Large Composite Filling
3800 CZK
GIC Fillings
1500 CZK
Crowns & Veneers
Veneer (per tooth)
12000 CZK
Ceramic Crown
12000 CZK
Zircon Crown (per tooth)
12000 CZK
Simple Extraction
1800 CZK
Complex Extraction
2300 CZK
Surgical Extraction
3500 CZK
Wisdom Tooth Extraction
4000 CZK
Root Canals
Root Canal Extirpation (per canal)
1500 CZK
Root Canal Definite Filling (per canal)
1500 CZK
Neobiotech (with crown)
from 30000 CZK
(includes 14000 CZK implant cost)
Straumann (with crown)
from 36000 CZK
(includes 20000 CZK implant cost)